What is a brake line?

April 27th, 2015

When your brakes fail or are not performing properly, you and your vehicle can be in serious trouble.  The pressure from your foot on the brake pedal is transferred to the brakes via the brake lines.  The brake lines of your braking system play an important role in brake function and performance.  Most cars have a hydraulic braking system, in which the brake fluid is stored in a master cylinder.  The fluid is transferred from this cylinder to the brake calipers through the brake lines when the brake pedal is activiated. The slowing and then stopping of the car occurs when the calipers clamp down on the brakes.  

Tire World Auto Center mechanics should inspect your brakes right away if the brake lines are broken, corroded, frayed, or cracked.  Our experienced auto repair technicians will be able evaluate the damage and repair your brake lines, getting you safely back on the road.

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