Staying on the Straight and Narrow in Frederick, MD

March 10th, 2015

Many of us in Frederick, Maryland may worry about running out of gas or breaking down on the side of the road.   These are the reasons we practice preventative maintenance on our cars.   However, one of the most important maintenance items that Frederick motorists overlook is a routine alignment check.  Ensuring that your wheels are driving straight is an important maintenance item for your car.

Improper alignment will cause your vehicle's tires to wear unevenly or wear out rapidly.  A periodic alignment check will prevent the premature purchase of a new set of tires and save you money.   Additionally, poor alignment causes damage to your suspension and steering systems, which leads to a costly auto repair in Frederick, MD.

A bad alignment and excessive wear on your tires can cause a blowout, which is an extremely dangerous situation.  Blowouts can damage your car and lead to a severe accident on the road.  A misalignment can additionally be the cause of a crash if you are not able to steer your car correctly.

If you run over a curb or over a pothole on a rough Frederick road, your wheels on your vehicle can be pulled out of alignment. Seemingly insignificant small bumps and knocks on your everyday excursion will progressively move your wheels out of a proper alignment.

Remember to have your car's alignment inspected on a routine basis.  Allow a Tire World or Taneytown Tire & Auto certified technician to check your alignment, especially if you have wheel damage or you think that your wheels may be misaligned.  Our technicians are passionate about what they do and our sales advisors take great pride in educating our customers.  

You can verify in your owner's manual or speak to a Tire World or Taneytown Tire & Auto repair technician to see how often you should be receiving an alignment check on your vehicle.  If you frequently drive on bumpy surfaces or you are driving a considerable amount each day, you should consider an alignment check and courtesy check more often.  Ask one of our service advisors for a recommendation in these special cases.  

During an alignment check, a technician will review the following items:

  • Wear or damage to the steering and suspension systems  
  • Tire alignment will be inspected and compared to the original factory standard for your vehicle

If our technician finds that repairs are not necessary on the steering or suspension systems, then the wheels will be adjusted to bring them back into proper alignment.

You may say to yourself that this preventative maintenance item is extremely inconvenient, but a blowout or accident in Frederick will be more than an annoyance.  We are here to keep you on the straight and narrow.  Call one of our Tire World or Taneytown Tire & Auto locations today to schedule your next alignment check.  Or make a convenient online appointment.  Tire World has locations that are convenient to Middletown, MD, Walkersville, MD, Mt. Airy, MD, Taneytown, MD, and New Market, MD as well as Frederick.