Signs That You Need New Brakes

March 6th, 2015

Brake repair in Frederick, MD and Taneytown, MD

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Your car's brake system is comprised of many components, and frequently a change in their performance is an indication that you need a brake inspection.  While driving, your sole physical connection to your brake system is the car's brake pedal.  Being in tune to the changes at the pedal will help keep you and your passendgers safe.  

What should you be looking for?

Poorly responsive and sensitive pedal - A pedal that practically goes down to the floor before your brakes engage or feels soft, indicates worn brake pads or a problem with your vehicle's hydraulic system. 

Pedal vibrations - You may notice that the brake pedal is vibrating or rapidly pulsing under your vehicle's normal braking conditions.  Brake pedal vibration indicates a warped rotor(s).  If the rotors have an uneven surface, they will shake the brake pads, which translates to a shaking brake pedal.

Brake noise - A high-pitched screeching sound is heard when you apply your brakes. An indicator, or small metal shim, gives you an audible warning when you need to replace your car's brake pads.   Also, if you hear a grinding or growling noise, this is caused by the disc and caliper, which are two pieces of metal, rubbing together.  This rubbing creates an uneven surface on your rotor. The rotor will need to be serviced or replaced.

It is recommended that you have your vehicle serviced promptly, as poorly functioning brakes will affect the safety of you and your passengers.  Tire World Auto Centers and Taneytown Tire & Auto staff ASE and factory trained certified mechanics that understand the symptoms of brake wear and know how to get your car performing it's best.  Make an online appointment  or call Tire World of Frederick at 301-698-9200, Tire World of Riverside at 301-688-5009, or Taneytown Tire & Auto at 410-756-4552.

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